About Us

Kaplan Business Group is led by experienced industrial engineers. Our skills mean that we are well-equipped to analyze and improve your business, and we have experience of working across a wide range of industries.

We take a client-focused approach in all of our work, using our analytic skills to provide highly customized, cost effective and targeted solutions to benefit clients’ businesses. This can involve a range of processes and methods, including:
  • Computer simulation
  • Optimization
  • Statistical analysis including clustering and regression analysis
  • Data mining
  • Software development

Kaplan takes the view that, when we work with companies, we are a team. We measure our own success through your success and we enjoy building productive, long-lasting relationships with our clients, enabling us to continue providing beneficial targeted solutions for ongoing improvement.

Our company is small, meaning that we have very low overheads. We also apply our own optimization and lean business principles to our own work, enabling us to be as efficient as possible. This means that even though our skills are highly specialized and unique, we are still able to offer excellent value for money on all our business optimization services.

We are proud to have worked with some of the best businesses in the world, and are thrilled to have been part of their success. We were there when some of the current industry benchmark processes were created, giving us a unique insight into the world of business optimization.

We partner with the world's best specialized companies, such as Kiran Consulting Group and Leonardo Group, to provide successful solutions to your complex and large scale problems. 

Kaplan utilizes the best resources from around the world to provide you with the best solution for the best price. We take advantage of all the top technology and tools the 21st century has to offer to provide you with:
  • Best solutions
  • Best resources
  • Great value

It is our aim to be better value than your in-house resources. Contact us to find out more.

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