Determining Branch Staff Levels

As any customer will surely be able to tell you, it really is the staff that determines whether or not they have a positive banking experience with your organization. This means it is worth getting your staffing levels exactly right. After all, staffing costs are highly likely to be the most important part of your operational costs.

Also, long branch wait times due to understaffing are the biggest driver of customer attrition: having enough staff in your bank is vital.

Establishing staffing levels is a complex process. This is because some transactions can take different amounts of time depending on factors such as customer demographics and branch characteristics. Also, teller and banker time allowances for activities need to be adjusted based on the size of the branch. 

Kaplan Business Group knows all this, and we know how to handle differences in branch characteristics and transaction times. We have a proven methodology to enable you to optimize your staffing levels: call us and let us show you how.