Establishing Standard Times

If you want to learn more about what’s going on in your bank, you will need to be able to establish standard times so that the average task times can be identified and any inefficiency that needs to be addressed can be highlighted.

We know how costly and time consuming field activities can be, so the Kaplan Business Group is pleased to have developed a revolutionary methodology to establish standard activity times without the need for expensive field studies.

Our methodology can help you set unique branch based standard sales, transaction and non-customer facing activity times that differentiate between retail bank branch characteristics. This includes aspects such as the:
  • Size
  • Clientele demographics (age, education, income, ethnic background. etc.)
  • Branch characteristics (number of queues, equipment, etc.)
  • Controls for process inefficiencies
The process can be repeated periodically to monitor the changes in your branches, and identify branches with inefficiencies. 

Our process is easy to adjust, enabling us to capture changes in the process and environment, ensuring that the results are accurate and as useful for you as possible.