Lean Banking

The idea of lean banking is all about reducing waste and inefficiencies in order to provide the best possible customer service. Kaplan Business Group consultants, with years of successful lean manufacturing experience, will work with you to identify areas of waste in your retail bank and will then apply lean banking solutions to those issues to help you improve branch performance.

In the table below, you can see some examples of the sort of waste we might identify and the solutions that can be used to address them.




       Demand sensitive forecasting

       Staffing model refinements

       Time Standards revisions

Long waiting times

Customer wait:

       Better forecasting & scheduling

Employee Wait:

      • Better Scheduling
      • Improved floor management
      • Performing interruptible non-customer facing tasks
      • Visual controls
      • Setup time reduction


       Branch layout optimization

Excessive processing

       Process optimization

       Teller system redesign

       Variability reduction

Excess Inventories

       Cash inventory optimization

Excessive motion

       Work station design



       Process optimization

       Teller system redesign

       Biometric verification

       Error proofing