Lean Manufacturing Optimization

Lean manufacturing is focused on reducing waste and inefficiency within businesses, with the aim of helping them to reduce costs and get the most out of their processes. 

There are a number of different issues that companies need to consider in relation to lean manufacturing optimization:
  • At which stage to build inventories (otherwise known as Kanbans)
  • How to form the lines
  • How many staging spots are needed between operations
  • How the daily sequence of jobs should be planned

Our Kaplan consultants have worked with a wide range of businesses on the issue of lean manufacturing optimization, helping them to build processes from the ground up. This has given us the skills and experience we need to help you with the following:
  • Building a computer simulation model known as a ‘virtual factory’. This enables us to test your ideas within the virtual factory without needing to disrupt your real-life operations. Through this, we can tell you exactly how your ideas will work before you implement them. This can include ideas such as:
    • Where to build Kanbans
    • Kanban inventory levels and parameters
    • Your line design and parameters
    • Job sequences