Warehouse Optimization

The processes in place in your warehouse are likely to have a serious impact on the rest of your supply chain operations. 

For example, your warehouse plays a crucial part in addressing your sourcing policies, which are critical for success. This includes:
  • Geographical versus product type sourcing
  • Inventory levels
  • System redundancies

Your warehouse processes are also critical in the day to day performance of your business as they relate to crucial decisions that affect the rest of your organization, including:
  • Staging policies
  • Pallet versus box shipments
  • Grouped or dispersed storage
  • Where to store which item

There are also some other critical decisions that you need to make in relation to your warehouse optimization:
  • How to support ship to order policies
  • How to introduce a conveyor system into your supply chain operations
  • How to introduce an automated storage system

Kaplan Business Group has detailed, specialized knowledge of all of the above issues and has extensive experience of working with the world’s best logistics companies to address problems relating to warehouse optimization. We can help you:
  • Audit your supply chain planning system and provide you with a road map of solutions to your problem.
  • Map your warehouse processes, and build them into a computer simulation model – this creates a ‘virtual warehouse’. We can then use this to test your ideas and relevant benchmarks without needing to disrupt your real-life operations. This allows us to tell you how your warehouse optimization ideas will work before you implement them.