Parking Optimization

The parking operations of a business can often be a large capital expense. How smoothly these operations run can also have a significant impact on visitor satisfaction – and it is often an untapped revenue enhancer for visitor-based institutions.

Parking optimization involves looking at different aspects of a company’s parking arrangements, including the capacity of the parking structure, where it is built and how it is operated. Looking at issues such as this enables to determine the current performance and level of parking optimization. It is also important to examine attributes including the arrival patterns of visitors and the lengths of their parking stays.

Another important consideration for large scale organizations is how visitors will be moved from the parking structure to the venue itself, as this can also have a serious impact on visitor satisfaction and cost.

Kaplan Business Group consultants have experience of helping many companies with their parking optimization. For example, we can:
  • Analyze raw data and utilize industry benchmarks to determine visitor arrival patterns and stay durations
  • Build a simulation model of your parking operations and major venues to optimize the following:
    • Parking capacity requirements
    • Location of parking structures
    • Parking structure layout
    • Support capacity requirements, including ticketing and security
    • Process planning (how to fill the parking structure)
    • Tram requirements between parking structures and the venue, as well as tram operation optimization

We can also analyze your overall parking policy, enabling you to:
  • Minimize visitor walk time
  • Develop parking policies, based on the venue’s visitor demographics, that will ensure the right visitors go through the right outlets on their ways from the parking structure to the venue