Visitor Flow Optimization

There are very good reasons why businesses should control their visitor flow optimization – it is the key to success of any institution that caters to visitors. Visitor flow can have an impact of every aspect of your business from staff budgets to producing resources, and so managing it properly is vital.

If you have a good understanding of your visitor flow, you will be able to allocate staff more appropriately and run your company much more efficiently. Visitor flow optimization also means that:
  • Delays and wait times are minimized
  • Visitors can have a full experience of the venue
  • Operational costs are minimized

Kaplan Business Group consultants have worked with some of the world’s most renowned companies in the field, providing them with advanced analytical solutions to assist in the following areas:
  • New venue design
  • Optimizing current operations
  • Increasing visitor satisfaction
  • Reducing wait times
  • Determining time spent at different sections of the venue
  • Determining the sequence of operations
  • Capacity planning
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Resource planning (for example, shuttles and guides)