Visitor Volume Prediction

If you run a business that relies in any way on visitors, you will already know that visitor volume can be highly variable. However, the experience of Kaplan Business Group has enabled us to identify certain patterns that repeat themselves, and these can be used in predicting the likely visitor volume.

For example, we look at different days and times of the year to identify visitor trends:
  • Seasonality trends – summer versus winter
  • Weekday trends – Sunday versus Tuesday
  • Annual trends – year on year differences
  • Weather trends – rainy versus sunny days
  • External influencing factors – for instance, the economy
  • Time of day impact

By managing your visitor demand, it is possible for businesses to both improve the experience of their visitors and to reduce their operational costs as they will be able to utilize their resources more efficiently. There are various ways to manage demand, including:
  • Price incentives – lower prices for periods of lower visitor demand
  • Reservation systems – moving the demand away from peak demand periods
  • Labor planning – scheduling labor according to visitor arrival patterns

Our skilled Kaplan Business Group consultants have worked with companies to develop highly accurate visitor forecasting systems. We can:
  • Audit your system and develop a forecasting algorithm that is tailored specifically to your environment, enabling it to be as accurate as possible
  • Develop and implement custom forecasting software on your behalf
  • Work with you to develop better demand management strategies